Water and Sanitation Sector Group (WSG):

The Water and Sanitation Sector Group (WSG) for Afghanistan was formed in March 2000 under the leadership of UNICEF, with WHO, the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements and Non-Governmental Organizations. Since 2004 the MRRD/RuWatSan Department is chairing the meetings. The WSG meets on monthly basis in Kabul with active participation of three Government Ministries including MRRD, MoPH and MEW. The main WSG goals are:

  • To raise awareness for good hygiene practices
  • Coordinate water and sanitation initiatives
  • Propose standards for water and sanitation
  • Pool resources together
  • Make practical training available to all partners
  • Enter all water points in WSG database available to all participants
  • Support the “Implementation Manual” through updating and adding topics

WSG meeting takes place every last Wednesday of the month in MRRD WatSan, normally held in the conference room of Ru-WatSP/MRRD, Darulaman Kabul.

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