1. 1. A diagnostic tool for understanding the policy and practice of CLTS in a country Dr. Kamal Kar (India)
  2. 2.Afghan Context CLTS Approach – Eng. Arif Basiri (DACAAR)
  3. 3.Citizens’ Charter, Sanitation & Community Resilience
  4. 4.CLTS as Best Sanitation Practice in Afghanistan Dr. Javed – (Ru-WatSP-MRRD)
  5. 5.CLTS in Afghanistan (SSDA-Afghanistan)
  6. 6.Decentralized Sanitation Solution for Urban Environments by Farhad Safi (BORDA)
  7. 7.Excreta Management Process Emptying, Composting, Transportation, Soil Dressing
  8. 8.Faecal Sludge Management (FSM) Farhad Safi, (GIZ-WSIP)
  9. 9.Integration of WASH & Nutrition in Afghanistan By Dr. M. Akbar Sabawoon (IHSAN)
  10. 10.Learning from SLTS Intervention in Nepal (NEPAL)
  11. 11.Lessons Learned Excreta Management 3
  12. 12.Menstrual Hygiene Management -Experiences of Adolescent Girls in Afghanistan by Zahida Stanekzai (UNICEF)
  13. 13.Pakistan Presentation for AFCOSAN
  14. 14.Sanitation Assessment in School WASH by Eng M.Daud Mukhlis (MoE)
  15. 15.Scaling up CATS lessons learned Therese Dooley (UNCEF Regional for South Asia)
  16. 16.School Sanitation Assessement by Eng. M.Daud Mukhlis (MoE)
  17. 17.Study on Scaling up Latrine and Excreta Management in By M. Azeem Barat
  18. 18.Sustainable Management of Water and Sanitation for All (SDG) Pashtu
  19. 19.Sustained Hygiene and Sanitation Behaviours to Reduce Diarrhea Dr. Sharifullah Alemi (MoPH)
  20. 20.The Importance of Public Latrines with Sludge Management Eng. Abdul. Samay Saquib
  21. 21.Three Phase Participatory Learning Approach by Zarmina Hotaki (Operation Mercy)
  22. 22.Three Star Approach for WASH in Schools In Afghanistan By Dr. Jamal Naser Omar (MoE)
  23. 23.Urban Sanitation Challenges -MUDH
  24. 24.Why Sanitation is important for Afghanistan (UNICEF)



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AFCOSAN Concept Note 

  1. Afghanistan Conference on Sanitation Concept Note English version


Thematic Session All_Abstracts

  1. Thematic Session All_Abstracts


AFCOSAN Programme Booklet

  1. AFCOSAN Programme Booklet


AFCOSAN Notebook

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AFCOSAN Thematic Session Schedule

  1. AFCOSAN Thematic Session Schedule


AFCOSAN Programme Schedule

  1. AFCOSAN Programme Schedule



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